Disclosure and Review Policy

Twisted Urban Book Review Policy

 Thank you so much for taking an interest in Twisted Urban. Please let me start off by saying that I am not a professional book reviewer, but someone who happens to love the power of reading books and the fuel that books feed into my imagination. With that being said, all my reviews will be based on my opinion alone. I will give a summary of the book, what I loved about it and those areas that I feel that could be worked on. I believe in the power of constructive criticism meaning you will never catch me tearing a book apart.  I disagree with anyone who feels they have the power to destroy someone’s work.  If I am unable to get through the book I will not post a review at all, but simply send you message as to why.  Please know that that I understand that in order to be a writer it takes time, hard work and patience and I for one will be very honored to take a look at your finished masterpiece.

What I Love to Read!

  • Urban Fantasy
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Fantasy
  • New Adult
  • Cotemporary
  • Adult

What I am NOT interested!

  • Non-Fiction
  • Crime/Mystery
  • Religious

What is included with every review?

  • Author & Publication details
  • Cover art
  • Book Summary
  • My personal opinion about the book
  • I will post reviews on Amazon, GoodReads, and Barnes and Noble.
  • Links to go where the books can be purchased.

Submitting your book to be reviewed:

  • That I will do my best to respond to you in a timely manner, if you do not hear for me don’t panic it’s just that I haven’t gotten to your email yet.
  • If you have not heard from me in one week of your email, please email me again.
  • I accept independently published work, ONLY IF it has been professionally edited
  • Submission EMAIL FORMAT
    • In EMAIL SUBJECT LINE put:  ( Review Request: Book Title)
    • Book Cover
    • Summary of Book
    • Social Media Links:
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Amazon
      • And etc.

When your book has been accepted:

  • I will send you an email notifying you that your book has been selected for review.
  • There is NO GUARANTEE that your novel will be read or a review will be posted.
  • All books that I personally request will take precedence.
  • There is no set time table to where I will read and review your book.
  • If there is a certain time frame that you have in mind ( Book Release Dates and Etc), please let me know that I will do my best to accommodate you, but can make not GURANTEE.
  • Unsolicited novels will not be reviewed.

FORMAT of Books Accepted:

  • Printed Books
  • Ebooks:
    • Epub
    • Amazon Kindle
    • Barnes & Noble

 IMPORTANT NOTICE: All reviews on Twisted Urban are the intellectual property of their respective author. Please do not copy or re-post without  our permission.  Please note, in compliance to the FTC regulations we only receive books for review for free by publishers or authors, Library or we buy the books ourselves.  We will give our honest opinion for every book that is received from author or publishers or books we buy ourselves. All arcs will be donated to the local library when the review is done.

Also, we would like to disclose that that we do use affiliate links such as Amazon Associates and the Barnes and Noble affiliated program. When you click on those links, we earn a very small percentage.

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